Maybe you know me as Kyle Durden in Pro-Wrestling, maybe you don't. cheeseburger = valid addiction. Thankfully I am blessed with the greatest people in my life anyone could have.

"All the world is a stage, all the men and women merely players.."
I may be an Internet Millionaire who made his money selling an adult entertainment company to whom will remain nameless for copyright purposes(all I can say is if I still was in charge those girls would be a lot hotter and a lot wilder!) Did I mention I also happen to be a Professional Wrestler? How about the voice of Ring of Honor wrestling? An amazing lover(ask around)!? Now you know. I traveled throughout the world to gain the skills (including a small Tibet village where I learned from a monk whose name in untranslatable to the english language.CRAZY!)but am mostly to blame for by the ROH Training Academy (check out the company at rohwrestling.com or see my work for the east coast NWA)to become the spandex wearing messiah I am today... I was a fat kid growing up, became an ego driven prick to survive, and live a gimmick that you need only the most basic psych background to understand........ be honest with me and I'll be there for you forever..... if not I'll make you hate me long before you get the chance to come to the idea on your own... You may happen to be some emotionally unstable yet gorgeous woman that finds me online and will claim to love me; if so, please, hesitate to get a hold of me (too much of that too often)...what can I say, I'm damaged goods (as I was told by a "friend", "You're so much hotter when you don't talk".....oh, and my libido gets me into way too much which being so damn analytical really doesn't help (*you were right*)


The cast of The Princess Bride, reunited after 25 years.

people that I love

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    He is in person too 😊 I wash my enough to meet him a year ago
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